New Home Construction
Ministerial Order

Get an ‘Instant Start’ to New Home Construction

Start construction the date your application is lodged The WA State Government is introducing Instant Start, an initiative that allows builders of a single residential home to commence construction from the date of lodging certified applications with a local government permit authority. WA State Commerce Minister Michael Mischin said on 19 November that the “instant…

30 November 2015
Surveyors working together
Work Affecting Other Land

Requirements For Work Affecting Other Land Now Simplified

A series of new forms will simplify the process of gaining consent to affect someone else’s land. Instead of a single Notice of work affecting other land form, five new forms have been introduced. The new forms will make it easier to explicitly identify the type of work to be undertaken, which land will be…

2 July 2012
Architect and builders looking at plans
Ministerial Order

Time Running Out To Take Advantage of Ministerial Order

A recent Ministerial Order means building work on Class 1 and 10 structures can commence before a building permit is granted. However, the order applies only to projects with certified permit applications lodged between 1 January 2012 and 30 June 2012 – so to take full advantage of the order, the building industry must act quickly before…

20 June 2012
Building Act

Eastern Experience Shows New Building Act Saves Time and Money

New building laws in Western Australia are already facilitating faster approval times, which will improve even further once initial teething problems are resolved, according to a Victorian building surveyor. Ken Waddell, who has operated as a private building surveyor for more than 17 years under legislation similar to that recently introduced in the west, said…

8 June 2012
Permits Made Simple

How Simple It Can Be?

Building Act Success Story Despite the feeling that the new Building Act is all going horribly wrong, there are some very good news stories. Some builders have had their permits from certified applications within a week! But here is how it works for someone in the East… “It’s interesting to compare the two systems that are currently…

3 June 2012

Who Needs To Sign?

Making Sure Your Permit Application Is Complete Unnecessary delays can be avoided by knowing exactly who needs to sign an application for a building permit. A common hold-up is not naming and including signatures from all owners of a property. Literally, this means all owners – no matter what percentage of the property they own….

3 June 2012
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