Get an ‘Instant Start’ to New Home Construction

Get an instant start to new home construction

Start construction the date your application is lodged

The WA State Government is introducing Instant Start, an initiative that allows builders of a single residential home to commence construction from the date of lodging certified applications with a local government permit authority.

WA State Commerce Minister Michael Mischin said on 19 November that the “instant start initiative” would allow registered builders to start construction “upon lodging a certified permit application while the application was processed by local government”.


What is required to be lodged?

Instant Start enables immediate commencement of construction works for single dwellings upon lodgment of:

  • Planning certification;
  • Building certification;
  • Application for a building permit.


Does your project qualify for Instant Start?

The Instant Start initiative is only available for a single house, as defined by the Residential Design Codes (the R-Codes), and which is the subject of a compliant certified building permit application under the Building Act 2011 (the Building Act). So building owners do need to organise to receive these private certifications. At BuildingLines we can certainly help here.


Commence site works fast

Get underway with two significant but straight forward steps. First, prepare and lodge your building and planning private certifications with the Council. Then, commence construction while the Council processes and issues your building permit.


Commence construction with an Instant Start checklist

Before you break ground check that:

  • Your plans meet all building and planning requirements,
  • You have a building private certification,
  • You have the relevant planning private certification,
  • You’ve submitted your application for a building permit with Council.


When is Instant Start available?

Expected to take effect in December 2015 or January 2016, Instant Start’s commencement will be announced by the the Department of Commerce.

For more information about the roll out of Instant Start keep checking back at the BuildingLines blog or give us a call on 1300 550 848.