Energy Efficiency Targets for National Construction Code Shake-up Revealed

Energy efficiency targets for national construction code shake up

RMIT University senior lecturer in the Sustainable Building Innovation Lab Dr Trivess Moore said “Research from RMIT University found that more than 80 per cent of new housing in Australia is only built to the minimum 6 star NatHERS standard, with less than 1.5 per cent built to the optimal environmental and economic performance of 7.5 stars” Thankfully, changes to the National Construction Code have been proposed and hopefully will be pushed through in 2022.

The proposed changes include raising the thermal performance of homes to a 7-star NatHERS rating, whole-of-home annual energy usage, and improving the provisions for retrofitting on-site renewables and electric vehicle charging equipment on multi-dwelling and commercial buildings.

“An increase from 6 to 7 stars would result in an average reduction in energy for heating and cooling of 24 per cent across Australia.” Moore said.

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