Avoiding the DFES Bottleneck

Residential building design and drafting

How to Keep Your Project Moving

More than ever, compliance with the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) planning requirements is crucial for avoiding unnecessary delays to your project.

According to the Building Regulations 2012 (Regulation 17), DFES requires design plans and specifications at least 15 business days before a Certificate of Design Compliance (CDC) can be signed. Importantly, DFES can choose to take longer than 15 business days to review the plans and assess compliance with its operational requirements.

So where does that leave your project? Fortunately, the Building Commission has declared that the CDC can be signed after a minimum of 15 business days, even if DFES has not yet made their assessment. Plans can be amended later once DFES has delivered its recommendations. However, it does mean that there will always be a minimum wait of 15 business days before the CDC can be signed and the Application for Building Permit lodged with the Permit Authority.

The key to avoiding costly delays is to lodge plans with DFES as soon as planning approval is received. At BuildingLines, we can liaise with DFES and manage all other aspects of certification on your behalf to ensure the seamless delivery of your project – on time and on budget.