How Simple It Can Be?

Residential building design and drafting

Building Act Success Story

Despite the feeling that the new Building Act is all going horribly wrong, there are some very good news stories. Some builders have had their permits from certified applications within a week!

But here is how it works for someone in the East…

“It’s interesting to compare the two systems that are currently operating [In the East and the West].

Yesterday I took a privately certified Building Permit (large package with lots of documents) to Whitehorse City Council (hand delivered because of the size).

I fronted up to the Building Counter and, when served, advised that I wanted to lodge the documents for a privately certified Building Permit.

The counter jockey said to take the entire package to the cashier (to pay the $34 lodgement fee).

Because of the size of the package I asked him if I should leave the documents with him and bring back a receipt for the fee payment.

He replied “No need. The Cashiers will take the fee and then organise for the Permit to be filed in Council’s archives.”

Sometimes it can be that simple. It pays to have an application certified.