Time Running Out To Take Advantage of Ministerial Order

Architect and builders looking at building plans

A recent Ministerial Order means building work on Class 1 and 10 structures can commence before a building permit is granted.

However, the order applies only to projects with certified permit applications lodged between 1 January 2012 and 30 June 2012 – so to take full advantage of the order, the building industry must act quickly before this Saturday’s deadline for lodging an application.

The order has been designed to expedite the home building process. It means that if planning approval has been granted, building can commence on the same day that a certified permit application is made.

It is worth noting that all other requirements regarding approvals and notifications must still be met for the project. Building work deemed non-compliant will also be subject to potential orders to cease work or demolish, so it is important to consider all possible outcomes before deciding to build.