Who Needs To Sign?

Residential building design and drafting

Making Sure Your Permit Application Is Complete

Unnecessary delays can be avoided by knowing exactly who needs to sign an application for a building permit.

A common hold-up is not naming and including signatures from all owners of a property. Literally, this means all owners – no matter what percentage of the property they own. This requirement from the Building Commission is designed to ensure that all owners are aware of proposed changes to their property.

When an application is submitted to council, the title is checked to see whose names are listed as owners. If the names on the application do not match those on the title, the application is deemed incomplete.

In one case, the main owner presumed his two sons did not need to sign the application, as they only owned 2% of the property each. In another, a husband signed on behalf of his wife. Both errors resulted in significant and costly delays.

More information may also be required in special circumstances. For example, one council requested a completed pro forma letter to authorise a person to sign on behalf of a trustee.

The key is to confirm in advance exactly what the council requires.