Joseph Banks Secondary College Development

Joseph Banks Secondary College Development Building Design and Drafting

Project Details:

Client: Joseph Banks Secondary College

Location: Banksia Grove

Category (or tags): Commercial Building Surveying Services

Architecture / Builder: BuildingLines

Value: $150M

About this project:

Iconic development for Joseph Banks Secondary College in Banksia Grove

BuildingLines provided building surveying services to Joseph Banks Secondary College in four stages over the last five years. The overall budget of the project was $150m, with stakeholders including Building Management and Works who sit under the Department of Commerce.

Due to being a government-led project, understandably the paperwork throughout the tendering process and ongoing administration had to be extremely thorough. BuildingLines is equipped to manage this with ease, ensuring all planning and record-keeping was accurate and thorough to enable project success.

Throughout the process of this development, we had to stay ahead of future stages to ensure any issues wouldn’t create problems throughout the project lifespan. One issue we encountered was when we were planning out the fire tanks and pumps within the design – which proved challenging due to water pressure inconsistencies. It was difficult to locate the pumps and tanks, however, our design team managed to solve the problem and add them to the design for optimum efficiency and accessibility – without compromising the aesthetics of the buildings.

This major project spanned 5 years – and the end result speaks for itself! Students, staff and the community of Joseph Banks Secondary College will reap the benefits of this ultra-modern state-of-the-art development for years to come!

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